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Independently sourcing enterprise IT hardware...

We specialise in refurbishing and recertifying enterprise IT hardware and finding it a new home – whether that be an end-user or a reseller.

We have the skills, resources and experience that allow both you and our business to contribute to the circular economy.

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Our circular mission explained.

We play a pivotal role in reducing e-waste, preserving valuable resources, and mitigating the environmental impact of outdated technology by meticulously managing the lifecycle of enterprise IT hardware.

Our comprehensive process involves secure disposal, efficient recycling, and strategic re-marketing of hardware, all conducted in an environmentally responsible manner. This ensures that every step taken aligns with our commitment to sustainability and minimises our ecological footprint.
We ensure...

Asset tracking to keep a record of end-of-life cycle, ownership, and usage.

Secure data destruction to guarantee sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Asset remarketing, our handy technicians will refurbish to like-new condition.

Asset recycling, if assets are no longer suitable for reuse, we’ll send them to a specialised recycling facility.

How we do it:

Refurbishing and recertifying enterprise IT hardware involves a comprehensive process of inspecting, testing, and repairing the equipment to ensure it works at optimal performance.

This process may include hardware upgrades, cleaning, and cosmetic enhancements to restore the equipment to a like-new state.

Partner with us and benefit from:

High-Value Returns

We have strong relationships with an extensive range of markets allowing us to provide you with optimal pricing. 

Improved Cash Flow

 We'll pay you upfront, giving you greater flexibility to navigate your business needs without worrying about cash flow constraints.

Free Data Erasure

 We know you don’t want to risk compromising sensitive data, so we provide free erasure/destruction. Available via Blancco.

Sustainable Practices

 Work with us and benefit from an efficient disposal process whilst helping minimise the environmental impact of electronic waste

Regulatory Compliance

 Mitigate risks, avoid penalties, and safeguard your reputation by complying with industry IT hardware disposal regulations.

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